Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves utilizing a number of social media tools to help companies reach out to a larger number of potential customers and current clients. It helps a brand increase visibility, reach, and allows you to relate better to your target market.

The Power of Social Media

There are 4.39 billion social media users across the globe in 2019, and it is estimated to grow up to 9.1% per year. 70% of the population owns at least one social networking profile, while more than half has two or more accounts.

The advent of social media revolutionized not just the way people communicate with friends and loved ones, but also how businesses and companies exert advertising efforts and reach out to their target market.

In fact, statistics reveal that purchasing decisions are influenced by social media in about the same way as TV commercials do. More so, 57% of consumers say that they are more likely to trust a business or organization when they see positive feedback or comments on social media about the brand. Furthermore, a third of millennials report that they prefer getting in touch with businesses through social media channels.

How Social Media Marketing can Help your Business:

Social media marketing is a good way to boost exposure, increase engagement, and relate to your target market. It helps create buzz about your business and increase brand awareness. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterestcan be utilized not just to broadcast your message, but also to strengthen relationships with current clients and establish a connection with potential ones.

VJBrand is equipped with extensive experience in social media marketing and can employ appropriate strategies to help your business build reputation, create brand awareness, generate leads, boost revenue, and respond to client feedback through different social media platforms.

Why You Should Include Social Media in your Overall Marketing Strategy?

Your customers use social media everyday. The average time a person spends on social media is 1.72 hours per day, and social media activities accounts for 30% of daily internet usage. Social media makes an impact on consumers each day, which makes it a strategic avenue for your advertising efforts. More so, the internet is quickly becoming a medium of choice for those who want news and information right at their fingertips.

Social media marketing is cost-effective. Social media platforms provide an opportunity for you to advertise your company or business without spending much. You may have to pay if you want to give your exposure or post an extra boost, but setting up accounts are relatively free.

Social media marketing can help you stay ahead. Online website competition, regardless of the type of business, is fierce. But you can stay in the lead by using social media to establish brand awareness and relay your message to your target market.

Social media marketing can help generate more revenue for your business. These days, a website alone will not cut it if you want to boost your profit. Social media marketing allows for more targeted traffic to your website, and ultimately, more revenue for your business. Marketing through social media may seem like a simple thing to do. How hard is it to set up accounts for your business, right? However, managing social campaigns require time, planning, and creating a strategy for it to be successful and deliver the results you want.

VJBrand will work hand in hand with you, so that we can tailor a social media campaign that meets your needs and goals. We see to it that social marketing efforts will go side by side with your other internet marketing strategies. This way, you can build a stronger online presence and boost market recall, conversions, and ultimately, revenue.